2834 2835 Soccer PlayerTrappingKicking Maneuver Scott Number 2834 29¢ Soccer Player Kicking2835 40¢ Trapping Maneuver2836 50¢ Heading the Ball ... 2836 Headingthe Ball Mint Used $1.60 $.20 1.60 .75 1.60 .75 2837 World Cup Soccer 2837 29¢, 40¢, 50¢ World Cup SoccerSouvenir Sheet........... 7.95 3.25 Stamp collectors chuckled when New Jersey politicians battled the Postal Service over the omission of New Jersey on the World Cup map. All the games in this major metropolitan area were scheduled to be played at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. To New Jerseyites, East Rutherford is most definitely not located in New York. New Jersey politicians accused the Postal Service of insensitivity and not giving New Jersey the respect it was due. The Postal Service refused to recall and reprint the sheet, but, in apology, issued a 9x12-inch first-day-of-issue panel with a prominent East Rutherford, NJ, inscription. 2839 Triple Self-Portrait 2840 Four Freedoms Scott Number Mint Used 2839 29¢ Norman Rockwell.. $1.25 $.20 2840 50¢ Norman Rockwell Souvenir Sheet........... 9.95 4.25 Printing Improvements MadeThe Rockwell Stamps Possible A Triple Self-Portrait and Four Freedoms reflect the technological improvements in offset printing that allowed the reduction of Rockwell’s 44"x48" paintings to tiny 1"x11/2" stamps, with little loss of the detail for which he was famous. Rockwell’s paintings of ordinary folks were filled with gentle humor and respect for humanity’s basic values. Rockwell also designed three stamps: Scott #1145, 1238, and 1470. 2841 25th Anniversary Issue 2841a Moon Landing Scott Number Mint Used 2841 29¢ Moon LandingSouvenir Sheet........... $16.50 - - 2841a 29¢ Moon Landing....... 1.75 .75 On July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong spoke the words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” and stepped out of the safety of the lunar module Eagle and onto the surface of the Moon. This stamp celebrates the 25th anniversary of that amazing achievement. Celebrate the Allies’ March Toward Victory! A 1994 Postal Service sales policy forbade 80 Scott Number Mint Used 2838 29¢ 1994 WWII Sheet. 29.95 9.95 2838 1994 World War II (For other WWII 50th Anniversary sheets, see pages 73, 76, 78 and 84.) postal clerks to sell individual stamps from specialized sheetlets. So the only way people could get these World War II commemoratives was to buy the whole set. This wasn’t a serious problem for the World War II Series because most were purchased as souvenirs and kept intact. In fact, the Postal Service estimated that 33.7 million were bought and retained in 1994, making these stamps the third most popular of the year. The Road to Victory sheetlet spotlights Normandy, freeing Rome and Paris, and the efforts of the Airborne and Red Ball Express. Other stamps focus on events in the Pacific.
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