Donald Sundman – PresidentMystic Stamp Company A letter for you from Don Sundman... Dear Friend, It always gives me a thrill to send you our brand new Mystic U.S. Stamp Catalog. And the 2017 catalog has been enlarged to 156 pages – each filled with the stamps and collecting supplies you need to expand your U.S. collection. Inside you’ll find all the postage stamps issued in 2016, plus the new supplements, hot off the press. The other great news I have is our transition from Profit Shares to the Mystic Rewards program. The principle’s the same – FREE stamps and supplies to help grow your collection and make stamp collecting even more fun. But now the program offers more benefits than ever before. We made these changes because we value your friendship and loyalty to Mystic and because you deserve it! . First of all, it’s easier to get Free stamps. Secondly, Mystic will electronically keep track of your purchases and credit your Reward Points while you earn 10 for every dollar you spend. So you never have to worry about keeping track or counting up all those pieces of paper. Even more ways for you to benefit from Mystic Rewards: TABLE OF CONTENTS 2016 Stamps ............................................138-41 Airmail Stamps (C) .................................143-47 Albums, Binders, Supplements ..............151-52 Collecting Supplies .................................152-54 Commemorative/Definitive Stamps ..........3-141 Confederate Stamps (CSA).............................. 4 Imperforates.............................................141-42 Stamp Collecting Kit....................................151 Stamp Mounts .........................................153-54 Copyright 2017 by Mystic Stamp Company Mystic’s 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee You must be completely satisfied with anystamp or collecting supply ordered from Mystic. Ifnot, simply return it to us within 90 days and wewill gladly issue you a credit voucher or refund, whichever you prefer. shop quickly and easily online with your Reward Points at Or redeem your Points by phone or mail. Check your Reward Point balance online 24/7. You’ll also receive a quarterly statement in the mail showing your Points balance, plus lots of special offers you can purchase with your Points. Best of all is the wider selection of great stamps and collecting supplies you can get with Mystic Rewards, some even available for a combination of Reward Points and money! Now sit back, relax and enjoy browsing through the new catalog. Start with our cover highlighting the achievements America has accomplished in the exploration of “the final frontier.” The first amazing, up-close image showing the features of Pluto is a great stamp subject and the Views of our Planets set is breathtaking. Until next time... Happy Collecting, President – Mystic Stamp Company P.S. Take advantage of all Mystic’s new Rewards program has to offer. Go to today and check your Reward Points balance – you might have more than you think! the same design was used on more than one stamp. Condition All prices in this catalog are for stamps free of defects. Each stamp is inspected and graded according to Mystic’s strict standards. Stamps Issued Through 1890 Stamps issued through 1890 will have good or better centering with perforations touching or slightly cutting the design. Mint stamps may or may not have gum. Stamps Issued 1893 Through 1940 Stamps issued from 1893 through 1940 will have good or better centering for the issue. Perforations may touch or cut the design on some issues and on others will clear the design. Mint stamps from this period will have full original gum. Most are hinged. Note: If you collect never-hinged stamps issued before 1941 with fine or better centering, call toll-free and ask for a Personal Stamp Advisor. Stamps Issued 1941 to Date Stamps issued 1941 to date will have fine centering. The perforations will clear the design. Most mint stamps will be never hinged. Since 1964, certain stamps with different designs have been printed side by side on the same sheet. They are called “se-tenants.” Due to USPS printing methods, formats, and/ or Scott number order, some mint se-tenant stamps you purchase may vary from our illustrations. Regardless, you’ll receive all stamps in the set. Most mint se-tenants are supplied attached; used are supplied as singles. Mint year sets usually include singles. Used self-adhesive stamps will be supplied on paper. Forever stamps are described with the face value they had when issued. Key to Abbreviations and Symbols BEP = Bureau of Engraving and Printing Bklt. Sngl. = Booklet Single Imperf. = Imperforate Perf./Pf. = Perforated S/A = Self Adhesive W/A = Water Activated YS before year = Commemorative Year Set Dash – indicates a complete set, with all stamps in consecutive numerical order. Single Slash / indicates a complete set. However, not all stamps are in consecutive numerical order. Double Slash // indicates an incomplete set. Most stamps are included. However, expensive stamps, which could make the set less affordable, are not included. Individual Scott numbers of stamps included in a set are listed. Highlighted Sets Can Save You Money Commemorative Year Sets = Bright Yellow Commemorative Sets not in Year Sets = Lgt. Yellow Regular Issue Stamp Sets = Green Airmail Sets = Orange Get FREE Stamps & Collecting Supplies with Mystic Reward Points! Receive 10 Reward Points for every dollar you spend with Mystic. Points are redeemable for FREE stamps and collecting supplies on any Mystic Stamp Rewards list. Choose the items you want and then call, mail, or visit to redeem your points. All Mystic Stamp Rewards merchandise is backed by Mystic’s 90-Day Guarantee of Satisfaction. See page 7 for more details. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOU How to Order Order by phone, mail, fax or online at (See order form in the center of the catalog.) All orders are carefully packaged and most are shipped within two working days. Looking for a specific U.S. stamp? Try using the search features on Plus you can search by keyword or Scott number. (Keywords will also show worldwide stamps.) Scott Numbers Identify Your StampsEvery year, Scott Publishing Company produces a catalog of U.S. and foreign stamps listing estimated values for each, identifying them with a Scott number. To help you identify your stamps, we include Scott numbers under each illustration. Multiple numbers indicate
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